C is a mid level, structured language

When working with C you need to understand that it's a mid level structured language. When we say that it is mid level it means that it is not very close to the hardware and not very distant from it.

C allows you to work with bits and bytes which make it very useful for system level programming. This gives it power like a low level programming language has

C has data types just like any other high level language

C allows you to write assembly code directly inside the C program.

What is C called a structured language ?

There are two very close terms - Structured language and block structured language

The difference between both of them is that in a structured language you cannot create functions inside other functions. Because C does not allow you to create functions inside functions it is called a structured language.

In C the main structural component is functions. You can use functions to meaningfully divide the code into small functions and call these functions in a given sequence.

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