Write the difference between oestrous cycle and menstrual cycle


Menstrual cycle
•    It occurs in monkeys, apes and human beings.
•    Cycle consists of 3 phases-menstrual, proliferative and secretory phase.
•    Blood flows in the last few days of the cycle. The broken endometrium is passed out during menstruation.
•    Female does not permit copulation during menstrual phase of the cycle.

Oestrous cycle
•    It occurs in non primates like cows, dogs, etc.
•    It consists of a short period of oestrous or heat. it is 12-24 hours in cow followed by anoestrous or passive period.
•    Blood does not flow in this cycle. The broken endometrium is reabsorbed.
•    Female permits copulation only during oestrous period.

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