Programming in C - Important topics for GATE

As per the GATE 2015 syllabus published by the organization institute, following topics form the syllabus for programming in C subject.

  1. Functions
  2. Recursion
  3. Parameter passing
  4. Scope

But in reality programming in C GATE questions will test your overall understanding of C langauge. You should follow your college level text books to clear your fundamental concepts in C programming.

Focus more on pointer and recursion

You can expect questions involving pointers and recursion. Also because solving recursive problems is a bit tough, they are generally mixed with pointers to add more complexity to them.

Arrays + functions and parameter passing

Pointers mixed with arrays will add complexity to questions. Arrays are always passed as reference to functions. Array cannot be passed as value to a function. Using such concepts complexities are added to GATE questions.

In general you should focus on throughly reading your college text books to have a good hold on C language to be able to solve GATE questions.

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