Adding a web page to your website

Now that you have created an empty website its time to add a web page to this website. You can call it a web page or a web form it does not make any difference. What is important for you to understand is that an website is a collection of many web pages or web forms. Here we are adding the first web page to our website.

Steps to add a web page to your website

To add a new web page or web form to your website take the following steps
1)    Right click on the website and select Add. There you will see two options, one which says add new item and the other which says add web form. See the image below

Add new web page to website

2)    Although selecting Web Form option is a shortcut to add a new web page to your website, but we will go for the more detailed process and therefore click on Add New Item…
3)    An “add new item” window will show up with an option to add many types of items to your website. From this window you will have to select the language you are using to write code, the type of item you want to add (in this case a Web Form) and the name you want to give to your item. See the screenshot below

Adding new web page to website

4)    You should always call the first page you add to your website as default.aspx. This is because when you will make your website live the web server will automatically understand which page to show as your home page.
5)    You see an option which says “Place code in separate file”. You should keep this option checked.
6)    There is another option which says “Select master page”. Leave this option un-checked for now. You will learn about master pages in coming tutorials.
7)    Click add and you will see that a new web page is added to your website.  

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