Creating your first website project

Considering that you are ready to learn and have all the required software installed on your computer let’s create our first website using Visual Studio and understand the steps involved in doing so. We will be using Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web for writing all the code discussed in all the tutorials in this E-Classroom.

Creating website using Visual Studio

Open Visual Studio and click on File -> New Website

Creating new website
From the window that shows up select

  1. The coding language of your choice. We will be selecting Visual C# as the coding language for all the tutorials in this E-Classroom
  2. The .net framework version of your choice. We will be choosing .net framework 4.0 for all the tutorials
  3. empty website. This project will create an empty project and it will become easy for you to learn about all the steps which you will need to learn
  4. The directory where you wish to save your website.
  5. In the web location keep the selection as File System. There are two other options for HTTP and FTP using which you can create your website directly on some remote server. We do not need these options for now.
  6. After you have made appropriate selections for all the above options click OK

New website

When you click OK a new and empty website will be created inside the folder selected by you and will be opened inside the solution explorer window in Visual Studio. If you do not see the Solution Explorer Window then click on View -> Solution Explorer from the top menu to open this window. This is what you see inside the solution explorer window

New website in explorer window
Here you see that two files have been created in your empty website. Both these are configuration files and are extremely important to the overall running of your web application. You can think of the web.config file as the “chief consulting officer” for We say so because all the configuration settings which are needed to run an website are present in this file.
At this stage you only need the web.config file, which is the main configuration file for your website. If you want you can delete the web.debug.config file and it will cause no harm to your website project. But make sure that you do not delete the web.config file as you will need it for many different and important things in coming tutorials.

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