What should I know before starting asp.net website development

Before starting the asp.net website development you should be familiar with the following technologies

C# or VB.net

If asp.net helps you in creating web pages which run inside the browser C# or VB.net helps you in writing the code that runs behind these pages. Without the C# or VB.net code the asp.net page cannot do anything by itself. So if asp.net is the body then C# or VB.net are its soul. Therefore before you think or learning asp.net you should learn how to write computer programs using C# or asp.net. If you start learning asp.net with prior knowledge of these languages then you are bound to fail in your asp.net learning or you might not be able to learn enough to do something useful with asp.net


Asp.net is a website development technology. Each and every asp.net web page ends up converting itself into HTML when it runs inside the browser. Therefore it is extremely important that you have good knowledge of HTML before you start learning asp.net. Without the knowledge of HTML you will not be able to understand anything about asp.net leave aside learning how to build powerful websites using it. If not more you should at least have the knowledge of basic HTML tags so that you can apply this knowledge and start understanding asp.net


CSS is used to style your web pages. So maybe you don’t need to know CSS in order to learn asp.net, but you will need to learn CSS for sure when you will start building some serious website projects using asp.net. This is because asp.net depends on CSS to give a nice look to a website.


ADO.net is the technology used to talk to databases like SQL, Oracle or MySQL. Learning asp.net might not directly be linked with ADO.net, but without the knowledge of ADO.net you will not be able to develop database driven web application projects. Also in the absence of the ADO.net knowledge it will become difficult to understand data bound controls like GridView and DetailsView which are some of the very powerful controls in asp.net and without which you cannot claim to know actual asp.net

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