What all do I need to work with asp.net

To work with asp.net you need the following software

  1. Visual Studio
  2. Browser
  3. Web Server

Visual Studio

To work with asp.net you can either download the express version of Visual Studio for developing web applications or go for the professional or ultimate versions of Visual Studio for which you will have to pay the licensing fee. With Visual Studio you get all the tools you need to build powerful asp.net websites.


Because asp.net is used for developing web applications you will need a browser to run and see the output of your application. We recommend that you download and install Mozilla Firefox in order to run and test your asp.net applications. You can also use Google Chrome or Windows Internet Explorer browser if you wish.

Web Server

You need a web server in order to run your asp.net application. This is because the browser cannot understand the syntax of the markup you write in your asp.net pages and therefore it needs a web server to process the markup first, convert it into plain HTML and then send it to the browser.

To make the asp.net project development easy for you Microsoft has included a development web server along with Visual Studio. So when you install Visual Studio and start working with asp.net website development you can be sure that you have the development web server already installed on your machine. This development web server starts automatically when you first run your asp.net website project from Visual Studio.

When you are finished with the development of your asp.net website and are now ready to deploy it on a real server and make it live for the world to use then you will need a more powerful web server called IIS or Internet Information Services. This is a web server developed by Microsoft and is the default choice for hosting asp.net websites.

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