What is asp.net

Asp.net is a web application development framework created by Microsoft as a part of the .net framework. Asp.net provides you with everything you need to build the most complex web application you can think of. Asp.net is the next generation of asp which was used for building dynamic websites before Microsoft created the .net framework

Some history about asp.net

Asp.net was first released by Microsoft in January 2002 as part of the 1st version of the .net framework. After that it has been extended and made more advanced with every new version of the .net framework. The different versions of asp.net which you will hear about are as follows

Asp.net 1.1 – Released as part of the .net framework 1.1
Asp.net 2.0 – Released as part of the .net framework 2.0
Asp.net 3.5 - Released as part of the .net framework 3.5
Asp.net 4.0 - Released as part of the .net framework 4.0
Asp.net 4.5 - Released as part of the .net framework 4.5

Is asp.net similar to PHP and JSP?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. If you consider PHP and JSP as server side programming technologies then yes asp.net is the same as both of them because it also serves the same purpose. But if you consider the programming methodologies followed by all these technologies then you will find that asp.net is significantly different from PHP and JSP. Some of the important differences between asp.net and other server side programming technologies like PHP and JSP are

  1. Asp.net is a compiled language whereas PHP and JSP are interpreted languages. This means that the asp.net code which you write in your application is compiled first and then the server executes this code. Whereas the PHP and JSP codes are interpreted line by line during the execution of the page
  2. Asp.net has clear separation between the code and markup used to run a page. Whereas in PHP and JSP the markup and code are written in the same file and often it becomes very difficult to manage these pages.
  3. Asp.net has some unique and very advanced concepts like viewstate, controlstate etc which are not present in PHP and JSP
  4. Asp.net works on the concept of postback in order to send the viewstate back to the server for the recreation of the page and firing of the events.
  5. Databound controls like GridView and Details view along with databinding are one of the very powerful concepts in asp.net using which you can develop web applications at a high speed.

There are many other important features in asp.net which make it significantly different from PHP and JSP. You will learn about all these features in coming tutorials.

Use C# or VB.net with Asp.net

As per your choice you can choose C# or VB.net to write the code for asp.net applications. When creating an asp.net website you can choose the language of your choice for coding.

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