Do I have to know coding to participate in software project development

You can divide the complete process of software project development broadly into 5 main categories

  1. Requirement gathering and understanding
  2. Software application design
  3. Coding
  4. Testing
  5. Implementation

Before we can discuss about these 3 steps let’s understand one thing very clearly. If you have absolutely no idea about computer programming, no idea about the terms used in the software development field and no experience using software applications for your personal or office use then you have very very less chances of being successful if you choose to adopt a career in software project development.

If let’s say you have good understanding about the terms used in computer world, you have experience using software for personal or office use but you do not have much idea about computer programming then you can easily participate in the step 1 and step2 which we have written above.

If at the same time you have good idea about computer programming also then you can definitely participate in the Step3 also which deals with the actual coding part.

Anybody with a good analytical ability can participate in the step4 and step5 of the software project development cycle. Software application testing is of many types and we will discuss about various types of testing in coming tutorials. Broadly you can categorize software testing into smoke testing, unit testing, black box testing and white box testing. Out of these white box testing is the one for which a tester needs the actual knowledge about coding. For all other types of testing any person with good analytical skills can be a very good choice.

Having said all this let us also be clear that if you are good with programming that does not guarantee that you can successfully participate in the Step1 and Step2 mentioned above. There are different types of skills needed for each step. A software development team cannot be formed with only high end programmers. There are many other types of skills which are needed in the overall software project development. Therefore it is important that you do not look at the software project development process as a single thing, you have to dissect it into different phases and understand the types of skills which are needed at each phase. If your skill set matches with any given phase then you can become a part of the software development team and contribute in that phase of project development.

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