The "what" and "how" of the game

Software engineering is a very sophisticated field. Writing code is just one part of software project development. A major chunk of the time, effort and thinking is spent on the requirement understanding, planning and design of a software project. Coding is the last step in this whole process and although it requires very good coding skills to develop a good software application knowing how to wring code is not a mandatory requirement if you wish to participate in the software project development process.

In this e-classroom our goal is to dissect the complete process of any type of project development cycle, understand each phase and the potential mistakes you will make in that phase and develop skills which will help you in your career as software professional or as a software team lead or software project manager.

The what and how of the game

Any project you will work on in your life will involve two major components

  1. What has to be done
  2. How it has to be done

The “what” component tries to find out “What has to be done”. It’s important to have the ability to either think or understand or find out the “what” component of the project. If you are somehow not able to think or understand or find out what has to be done then you can well imagine that you will not be able to finish the project.

The “How” component is also important. “How” tells you the procedure using which you will be able to complete a task. But “how” comes into picture only after you understand the “what” part of the task.

You need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses when you are participating in any type of a project which requires team effort or individual efforts. If you are good at finding out the “what” component then you can surely lead or manage a project. If you are good at the “how” component then you can surely contribute in the actual project development. And let’s say if you are good with both “what” and “how” components then you will be a champion in your field very soon!!

It’s important to understand here that somebody who knows what has to be done will one way or the other find out how it can be done. But somebody who just knows how things are done and has no idea about what has to be done he/she will always follow and can never lead.

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