How to create a console application in Visual Studio

Assuming that you have downloaded and installed Visual Studio Express on your computer it’s time for you to learn how to create a console application using Visual Studio. Throughout your C# learning process you will be using the console application. Once you get familiar with C# and are ready to learn web or window application development using C# you will learn how to create other types of projects using Visual Studio.

Creating the console application

Follow these steps to create a console application using Visual Studio

1)    Open Visual Studio
2)    Click on File -> New Project
3)    You should see a new project creation window will open up

Add new project window in Visual Studio
4)    In this window select Visual C# as the programming language, Console application as your project type and provide the name of the application and the location where you want to store it.
5)    Make sure that you create your console application at a location which you can remember later on.
6)    Click OK and you should see your console application created and opened inside Visual Studio.

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