Using Visual Studio for C# development

Along with creating the .net framework and the C# programming language Microsoft has also created a very powerful software which you can use for all your software application development using the .net framework. This software is called Visual Studio and it is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which has all the tools you will need to develop .net applications.
For learning C# development we would recommend that you download and install Visual Studio 2012 Express or Visual Studio 2013 Express versions which are free of cost. Click on the links below to download Visual Studio Express

Can I use notepad for writing C# code

Yes, you can easily use notepad for writing C# code. But remember that notepad does not provide you with much help while writing code. Using notepad for learning C# code will be like riding a bicycle whereas using Visual Studio for learning C# code will be like driving a high speed car!

From where can I install the .net framework

The .net framework is installed automatically on your machines along with modern day Window operating systems like Windows 7 and Windows 8. Also when you install Visual Studio it will install everything you need to get started with learning C#. Still if you wish to download and install the .net framework for some reasons then you can do so by downloading it from Microsoft’s website. Microsoft provides the .net framework for free.

To learn more about Microsoft .net framework please visit Microsoft .net Framework E-Classroom

To learn more about Visual Studio and how to use it please visit Microsoft Visual Studio E-Classroom

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