First thing to learn – Creating console applications using C#

The best way to learn C# is to learn how to create console applications using C#. This is because when you create console applications your complete focus is on writing C# code. If you learn how to write web or window applications using C# you will have to learn many other things apart from C# like the page life cycle, the controls used in these applications etc which will make learning C# difficult. Therefore in this E-Classroom we will just focus on teaching you how to create a console application using C# and in the process you will learn all the important features of C#.

What is a console application?

As a beginner you might as what a console application is? By console we mean the command prompt which you have in the windows operating system. If you have not worked with a command prompt in the past then press Window+R key from your keyboard, type cmd from your keyboard and press enter. You should see this type of a window with the black background and text written in white

Console window

This window is called the command prompt or the console window. All the applications which use this command prompt as their input and output medium are called console applications.

Therefore when we say that you should learn to develop console applications using C# we mean that you should learn to develop applications which run inside the command prompt.

Web applications run inside the browser, window applications run as native applications inside your operating system and console applications run inside the command prompt window.

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