Introduction to C#

C# is an object oriented programming languages developed by Microsoft as a part of the .net framework. C# is one of the major languages used to develop software application which target the .net framework.

What type of applications can you develop using C#?

C# is a general purpose programming language which you can use to write any type of software application. But talking specifically in terms of the .net framework you can use C# to develop any of these applications

  1. Web applications using
  2. Window applications
  3. Console applications
  4. WPF applications
  5. Silverlight applications
  6. Microsoft Office applications
  7. Etc

C# code can be used with any of the above type of applications. Learning to write code using C# should be your first step if you want to develop software applications using .net

C# compilation model

All the applications written using C# follow two step compilation process. In the first step the C# source code is converted into an intermediate language called MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language). In the second step, which is also called Just In Time compilation (JIT), the MSIL code is converted into the final executable file which is ready for execution using the Common Language Runtime (CLR).

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