Using IntelliSense support for code writing


In this tutorial you will learn about IntelliSense feature in Visual Studio and how it helps you while writing code

What is IntelliSense?

IntelliSense is a feature present in modern day IDE’s like Visual Studio that acts as a guide and helps you when you are writing code. The moment you start writing code it appears and starts giving you help depending on what you are typing from your keyboard. Look at the screen shot below

Intellisense in Visual Studio
Here you see how the IntelliSense window appears and gives you options depending on the keys you press from your keyboard.
The IntelliSense feature in Visual Studio is extremely advanced. There is no chance that you can make a mistake while writing the code if you follow IntelliSense properly. If you ignore the guidance given to you by IntelliSense and keep writing code then you are bound to get compile time errors

IntelliSense helps in many ways

There are many different ways in which the Visual Studio IntelliSense helps you.

1) When you are writing the source code IntelliSense helps you in selecting the data types and variable names.

2) IntelliSense has different icons to help you differentiate between classes, methods, fields, properties, interfaces etc. Look at the screen shot below

Intellisense in Visual Studio
Here you can see different icons used to indicate different types

3) IntelliSense shows you the documentation associated with the selected types.

Intellisense in Visual Studio
Here IntelliSense is showing you the description for the int data type

4) IntelliSense guides you about the method overloads which you can use and also the parameters which you can pass to a method

Intellisense in Visual Studio
In the screen shot above IntelliSense is telling you that there are 18 overloads of the Console.Write method which are available and also describing the parameter which is expected by the current overload which you are using.

Please note

IntelliSense will be your best friend for all the years you will be writing code if you understand its values and follow its guidance. If you start ignoring IntelliSense then you will be dead sooner or later. Always think of IntelliSense as a live guide and a live book which is guiding you as you are writing code.

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