Running the project to see the output


In this tutorial you will learn how to run the projects in Visual Studio and see the output

Running one out of the multiple projects in Visual Studio

Look at the screen shot below

Running a project in visual studio
Here you see that there are two projects in the solution – ConsoleApplication1 and NewProject. The ConsoleApplication1 project appears as bold whereas the NewProject does not appear as bold. Why? Because when there are multiple projects in the solution one of the projects is marked as the startup project and its name appears in bold in the solution explorer

Startup project

So that the Visual Studio knows which project to run it expects you to mark one of the projects in the solution as a startup project. To mark a project as a startup project you need to right click on the project as select Set as startup project. Once you do this you will notice that the name of the selected project becomes bold. Look at the screenshot below.

Running a project in visual studio
Here we are marking the NewProject as the startup project.
Running the projects from Visual Studio
To run your projects and see the output either hit F5 from the keyboard or click Debug->Start Debugging from the top menu as shown in the screen shot below

Running a project in Visual Studio
By doing this Visual Studio will start executing the project marked as startup project and you will see its output

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