Adding multiple projects in a solution


In this tutorial you will learn how to add and work with multiple projects in Visual Studio

Why are multiple projects needed?

Visual Studio is an IDE which is designed to build large scale applications. There are many different parts of the software application which you will want to develop independently and then combine them together to build the complete application. Just like a computer is made up by assembling different hardware components and if one of the hardware components fails or becomes old you can replace it without having to replace the whole machine. This same approach is used while build large applications.

Working with multiple projects

When you open Visual Studio no project is created or loaded by default. You have to create your projects by clicking on File->New->Project and then selecting the type of project you wish to create.

When you create your first project this is what you see in the solution explorer window

Adding projects to visual studio
You see that there is a solution by the name MySolution created which has 1 project by the name ConsoleApplication1. Now we want to add one more project to our solution. There are two ways we can do this

1) The first method to add a new project to the existing solution is to click on File->Add->New Project and add a new project

 Adding projects to visual studio

This way a new project will be created and will be added to the existing solution like as shown below

Adding projects to visual studio
You can see there are two projects in the same solution.

2) The second to add a new project to the existing solution is to right click on the solution and click on Add->New Project. Now when you add a new project it will automatically be added to the existing solution

Adding projects to visual studio

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