Flowchart shapes – Manual input and manual operation

Manual Input

When writing computer programs it’s sometimes required to get some user input. The user input can be entered directly from the keyboard or by using the mouse. There is a special symbol used to depict the manual input in a flowchart. This symbol is almost same as the process symbol but with a very small difference. This difference is that the top and the bottom lines in this symbol are not parallel as in the process box. Look at the manual input symbol below

Flowchart Shapes - Manual Input

Manual Input flowchart shapes show process steps where the operator/ user is prompted for information that must be manually input into a system.

Manual operation

There is a difference between manual input and manual operation. Entering the roll number of a student using the keyboard will be termed as manual input whereas collecting admission forms from all the students in a class will be termed as manual operation. When we need to show some manual operations using a flowchart we use this symbol

Flowchart Shapes - Manual Operations

This symbol is also called a manual loop, which means a sequence of commands which will continue to repeat until stopped manually.

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