Steps to write your own algorithms

Now that you have learnt about algorithms and seen some examples on how to write algorithms it’s time to give you some important tips on how to write your own algorithms for the problems you want to solve. You will find some important steps which if followed properly will help you think and write your own algorithms.

Find out the solution first

The most important point to keep in mind is that algorithms are nothing more than conversion of your thoughts into steps written in a given order. The first thing you should do when you want to write an algorithm is to try and think of the solution in your head. If you are not able to think of the solution for the problem then do some research or consult some book or person to know how to solve the problem. You might come across some typical problems which involve some mathematical calculations or some special techniques which you might not know. It’s better to learn about these techniques first and understand how to solve the problem. Algorithm help you write a solution in a structured format, it won’t help you find out the solution, it will only help you write it.

Translating your thoughts into algorithm

Now let’s consider that you have found the solution for the problem and you want to convert it into an algorithm? For this you will have to lean the methodology to write algorithms. Before we move forward and start teaching you simple steps which will teach you how to write algorithms let’s summarize few important points about algorithms first

  1. It is an ordered step by step solution for a given problem
  2. Algorithms can be simple in nature, have conditional steps or loops in them.
  3. A correct algorithm consists of finite number of steps without any infinite loops (never ending cycles)
  4. You have to clearly mark the starting and ending of the algorithm.
  5. Algorithm should be easy to read and implement.

From next tutorial onwards we will explain some steps which you should take to write good algorithms.

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