What is an algorithm

A typical programming task can be divided into two main steps

  1. Thinking – Which means finding a solution to a problem
  2. Implementation – Which means writing a computer program using a programming language

Definition of an algorithm

An algorithm is an ordered step by step sequence to solve a given problem.

When we say ordered we mean that each step of the algorithm is given a step number. When you go through your algorithm by following these steps you get the solution of the problem in the end.

An important thing to keep in mind is that if you can think of and write an algorithm for a given problem you can write a computer program for that problem. If you are not able to write the algorithm you will never be able to write a computer program to solve that problem. Therefore, learning to write algorithms should be your first focus if you want to become a good computer programmer.

An algorithm is written in a very general language. You can even use your mother tongue to write an algorithm. In this E-Classroom we will be using plain English to write all our algorithms. We will teach you the important steps you should follow while writing an algorithm. Also we will give you some example algorithms which will help you understand how to write your own algorithms.

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