Why should you learn OOP

Learning object oriented programming concepts will help you in many ways

  1. All modern day programming languages like C#, JAVA, PHP, Javascript etc are object oriented in nature. Therefore once you understand the basics of OOPs you will be able to pick up these languages very very easily.
  2. You will want to build a strong career as a software engineer. In this career you will have to play many roles such as that of a programmer, team leader, project manager, software architect etc. Each role will expect different type of skills from you. As a programmer you will be required to write good and clean code so that less number of errors are generated. As a software architect you will be expected to design the whole software and manage all the code. Having a strong base in object oriented concepts will help you play all these roles easily
  3. Code re-usability is very important because it helps you in saving both time and energy by re-using your code libraries. By using object oriented approach you can easily organize your code into reusable classes and then keep using them over and over again.
  4. There are many many other reasons which should motivate you to learn object oriented concepts. The bottom line is that if you learn object oriented programming concepts you can make a very good career in the world of software engineering.

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