What all I need to write and practice SQL ?

SQL is the language you use to talk to a relational database. Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server are all examples of relational databases. A relational database has the following structure inside

  1. Tables
  2. Columns
  3. Rows

Tables are a way to represent real world objects. For example if you create a database for a school then you will create a table to store the information of all the students, another table to store information of all the teachers etc. So for every real world object we will have a table.

The data inside the table represent an object. Like for example if we have a table student and there are 100 students in the school, then the student table will have 100 records ( 1 for each student ) . The information for each student will be divided into different columns like RollNumber, FirstName, LastName, EmailId .

After you have created a database and created tables and columns in it, you can use SQL to perform operations of those tables. In all the articles here we will be using a practice database provided by Microsoft called AdventureWorks database. It is an SQL Server database and has all the tables and data already created so that when we execute our SQL queries we can see proper and meaningful results

To download the adventure works database click here. Select and download the database for your SQL Server version.

Client Software

To write and execute the SQL statements you will need a client software that will talk to the server. Each relational database software comes with its own client. Because we are using SQL Server for these tutorials we will be using SQL Server Management Studio as our client software. If you are familiar with the Server Explorer in Visual Studio you can use it as your client.

If you wish to download and install SQL Server on your machine click on the following link

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