Important windows in Visual Studio – Team explorer


Visual Studio has a very complex interface where you can open and work with multiple windows. Each window has its own purpose and you can open and close them depending on the work area you want for yourself while writing code. In this tutorial you will learn about the team explorer window in Visual Studio

Using code repositories with Visual Studio

As a beginner to programming you might not understand what code repositories are but as you gain more and more experience and start working in big teams you will feel the need to have a central code repository to save all your source code. This way it will become very easy for your teams to add / edit code and sync their changes with other team members

Team explorer window

Visual Studio has a special window called Team Explorer from where you can connect with the code repositories. Code repositories are called source control systems. The main source control system which is used with Visual Studio is the Team Foundation Server or TFS which is developed by Microsoft.

To open the team explorer windows click View->Team Explorer from the main menu

Team explorer in Visual Studio
Below screen shot shows how the team explorer window looks like inside Visual Studio

Team explorer in Visual Studio

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