Important windows in Visual Studio – Server explorer


Visual Studio has a very complex interface where you can open and work with multiple windows. Each window has its own purpose and you can open and close them depending on the work area you want for yourself while writing code. In this tutorial you will learn about the server explorer window in Visual Studio

Server Explorer

Visual Studio is a powerful IDE which you can use to develop complex software applications which interact with databases at the backend. On one side Visual Studio helps you in writing and managing your source code and on the other side it also helps you manage your database.

The server explorer window is the place where you can manage all your project databases from Visual Studio. To open the server explorer window click View->Server Explorer option from the top menu

Server explorer in Visual Studio
This is how the server explorer window looks like when it is opened

Server explorer in Visual Studio
From the server explorer window you can connect to your existing database or create a new database. Please remember that the server explorer will help you talk to individual databases. It does not connect with the database server and bring a list of all the available databases. You will have to connect with the database you want to work with one by one.

We will explain how to use the server explorer window and connect with or create database in coming tutorials.

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