Compiling the project in Visual Studio


In this tutorial you will learn how to use Visual Studio to compile your .net project and see the output.

Compiling the project or solution

When working with Visual Studio there are two options which you have during compilation.

  1. Compile individual projects separately
  2. Compile the full solution

Compiling the full solution will compile all the projects under the solution. If the projects in the solution are referencing each other then Visual Studio will compile the projects in the correct order to satisfy the dependencies between them.

How to compile the projects

There are three options which you can use to compile the project or solution in Visual Studio

Click on Build -> Build Solution menu option from the top menu

Build project in Visual Studio
Right click on the individual projects and click the build option

Build project in Visual Studio
Right click on the solution and click on build option

Build project in Visual Studio
The build process applies to the full project and not individual files. All the code files in the project will be compiled and their collective output will be saved as a .dll or a .exe assembly file in the bin folder.

As the assemblies are created by collecting to output of multiple code files there are some intermediately files created during the build process. All these files are kept in the obj folder for temporary use. You will find the actual output assemblies in the bin folder at the end of the build process.

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