Understanding different folders in your project


In this tutorial you will learn about different folders which get created with your Visual Studio project and the role they play
Different folders you will see in your project

By default you will see three main folders in almost every project which you will create using Visual Studio

  1. Properties
  2. Bin
  3. Obj

Properties folder

This folder contains a code file called Assembly.cs ( or Assembly.vb if your coding language is VB.net ). Inside this file you will see the meta information about your project like the version information, company name, some trademark information etc. You will mainly be concerned about this file when you will be launching your project in the market and will need to put your branding and software version information inside your software

Bin folder

When you compile your project you will generate two types of files

  1. .exe file
  2. Or .dll files

Both these files are called assemblies and are generated when you compile your project. The bin folder is the place where these assemblies are placed by Visual Studio by default. Even if you delete your bin folder it will get created again when you compile your project next time.

Inside the bin folder you will see two folders

  1. Debug
  2. Release

You can think of the Debug folder as the work in progress folder and the release folder as the ready to go to market folder. When you are in the process of writing your code and troubleshooting it Visual Studio will keep all your compiled assemblies inside the Debug folder. When you tell Visual Studio that you are ready with your project and are not ready to go to market it will create a release folder and put the compiled assemblies inside the release folder. You will learn how to mark the debug or release states inside Visual Studio in the coming tutorials.

Folders for a web application

When you create an asp.net web application using Visual Studio you will see that a lot many folders get created. We will provide an explanation for those folders when we will teach you how to develop asp.net web applications using Visual Studio.  

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