How to create a project in Visual Studio


In Visual Studio you start doing everything from a project. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a new project in Visual Studio
What do we mean by a project?

A project is a logical collection of code files which are compiled together to generate an output. With Visual Studio IDE you will not be writing small programs in single code files and then compiling them from the command line. Instead using Visual Studio you will be creating a project which will have multiple code files where you will be writing your code. You will build the project as a whole to generate the output.

Application vs project

A software application is an end to end solution developed to solve a given business problem. Like for example a school management application or a banking application. Each software application has many components which work together. When you start developing a software application in Visual Studio you will be creating many small small projects to develop different components of the application. You should not confuse the word software application with software project although in general conversation they can be used interchangeably

Decide .net framework, coding language and target platform first

As from the previous tutorial you know that Visual Studio is capable of creating various types of projects. Therefore before you can create a project you need to think about three things

  1. The .net framework you want to target
  2. The language you want to code with
  3. The platform you want to develop for

As a beginner with Visual Studio you should be very much aware when creating a new project so that you do not miss out on important points. After you create a few projects you will get familiar with the process of creating and opening projects in Visual Studio.

How to create a new project

Creating a new project in Visual Studio is simple

  1. Click on File -> New -> project
  2. You will see a window similar to the one show below
     New project in Visual Studio
  3. At the top, point number 1, you can see that we have selected .net framework 4.5. You can change the framework version from here
  4. At point number 2 you can see that we have selected C# as our coding language
  5. At point number 3 we are selecting a console application project. When you select a project type its description is shown to its right
  6. At point number 4 you see that we need to give a name to the project, select a location where the project will be created. There is a field for solution name also. You will learn more about the solution concept in the next tutorials.

After you enter all the required information click OK and you will see that a new project is created for you.

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