What project types you can create using Visual Studio


Visual Studio has project templates for all kind of projects which you might want to create. Also if you are experienced you can create your own project templates and add them to Visual Studio. In this tutorial you will learn common project types you can create using Visual Studio

Please note

If you are using Visual Studio Express version then you might not see all these project types. The project types mentioned here are considering that you have a Microsoft Visual Studio Professional installed on your system.

Common project types

Following are the common project types you might create when doing software project development using Microsoft .net technologies

  1. Class library
  2. Console Application
  3. Windows Form Application
  4. Web Application
    1. Asp.net Web Forms
    2. Asp.net MVC
  5. WPF Application
  6. Silverlight Application
  7. Mobile Application
  8. Office Add-Ins
  9. Sharepoint Applications
  10. Windows Mobile Phone Applications
  11. Windows WorkFlow Applications

You will find a project template installed to create each of the above type of project using Visual Studio

Common languages you can use

For all types of projects you can choose a coding language of your choice like C# and VB.net.

Different .net Frameworks versions

While creating all of the above project types you can make a choice of the .net framework you want to target while creating the projects. Every time it might not be required to develop the project using the latest .net framework. You can select the target framework while creating the project. If the selected .net framework does not support a given project type then it will not appear in the list.

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