What is Microsoft Visual Studio


In this tutorial you will learn about the powerful project development tool Visual Studio developed by Microsoft. Visual Studio is the best option you have in case you want to develop software projects using Microsoft .net framework and technologies

What is Visual Studio?

Software development involves the following steps

  1. Code writing
  2. Compilation and error corrects
  3. Execution of the code
  4. Debugging and troubleshooting code and logic errors
  5. Collaborating with multiple team members

If you talk about writing small programs with few hundred lines of code then you might just prefer using simple text editors like notepad. But when you get into the world of real project development where you will creating projects to solve day to day business problems then you need a very mature software development environment. Visual Studio is a powerful Integrated Development Environment developed by Microsoft. You can think of Visual Studio as a set of many different tools combined together to help you with each and everything that you need to build enterprise level software application while working in large teams.

Visual Studio includes code editing, compilation, debugging, project development tools for all Microsoft technologies like Window Forms, Asp.net web development, Console application, Mobile app development, Windows 8 app development etc. The powerful IntelliSense helps you do more by remembering less. It keeps guiding you at each step of code writing. Adding breakpoints and debugging your code is also very easy in Visual Studio. There are a large number of options for you to use in order to pin point all logical and code errors in your project.

In this E-Classroom you will learn all the important feature of Visual Studio which you need to know to do some serious project development. Please keep in mind that Visual Studio is your weapon when fighting your way ahead in the software development world of Microsoft .net technologies. Therefore it is very important that you know your weapon properly in order to be able to use it in the right way at the right time.

Please note:

The term IDE or Integrated Development Environment is often used for software project development tools like Visual Studio which help you in all aspect of project development like code, compiling and debugging. When referring to Visual Studio in this E-Classroom we will be using the word Visual Studio IDE multiple times.

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