Basic computer concepts - Course Introduction

In today’s world computers have become very important parts of our lives. In everything you do computers are involved in one way or the other. For example your televisions have become smart. Now the role of televisions is not just to show you entertainment programs from various channels but they can also do many other things like recoding the TV programs for you, setting reminders for your important TV programs and then sending you alerts. The power of computers is used inside your cars to make them smart. You don’t have to worry about anything, the digital gadgets installed in your car takes care of everything from your fuel usages to the air pressure in the tyres.

With more and more digitization taking place these days the computing technologies have started to converge. Take for example the case of your mobile phone. 10-15 years back phones were just phones, used to talk to people around you. But today phones are no more just phones, they have become smart phones. You can use your phones to do much more than just making calls. You can access internet, send and read emails, store and play your favorite music, send and receive text and multimedia messages, click and store pictures using the inbuilt camera, walk around the city using the inbuilt GPS etc. So many things have converged into a single phone.
Computers are playing an important role in almost every field today. Accounting, banking, hospitals, military, business, education you see computers being used everywhere. By using the power of computers in your field you can work and grow at a much higher speed than what you can do without using computers. Therefore no matter in which field you are it is very important for you to learn the basic computer skills so that you can make use of computers for doing your day to day work.

This E-Classroom is the beginning of your journey to learn the basic computer skills. At the end of this journey you will be able to use computer for your day to day needs.  

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