Types of computer networks

Computer networking is the backbone of the whole communication technology used in today’s world. There are many different types of computer networks in use depending on the number of computers connected together as well as the purpose with which they are connected. A computer network can contain anywhere from two to millions of computers connected together. The common types of computer networks in use are

  1. Local Area Network or LAN
  2. Metropolitan Area Network or MAN
  3. Wide Area Network or WAN


The smallest network that you can create by connecting few computers in a single room or building is called a LAN. Mostly LAN’s are created to share data needed for the functioning of small teams or offices. A local area network is most private in nature and only a few computers are allowed to interact together.


A metropolitan area network is formed when all computers from an entire area are connected together. This area can be a city, a university campus or a large residential area. A metropolitan area network is formed by connecting many LAN’s together. This type of a network is generally designed to help a single large organization to share data among its computers.


A wide area network is formed when computers from far off places are connected together. The area covered by a WAN can be an entire country, state or the whole world. The purpose of a WAN is to provide infrastructure to help LAN’s and WAN’s from far off places to communicate with each other.

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