Computer Hardware – Introduction

Let’s move ahead in our journey of understand the basic computer concepts. Till now you should have got a good understanding about what a computer is and the basic structure of a computer. From this tutorial onwards we will start understanding the computer hardware and learn about different hardware components which come together to make the computer function. The knowledge you will gain about computer hardware in this tutorial can be applied to any computer you see around you.

Main hardware components of a computer

Every computer is made up of the following hardware components

  1. CPU or processor or microprocessor
  2. RAM or primary storage
  3. Hard disk or secondary storage
  4. ROM
  5. Motherboard
  6. Input and output devices

Knowing the role and working of each of these components will bring you many steps closer to understanding how your computer works. Learning about these hardware components is like learning about the construction of a human body. The better you understand the internal organs of a human being the better doctor you can become. Putting this same logic on computers – the better you understand about the hardware components that make up the computer the better programmer you will become.

In the next tutorial we will learn about units of measuring data in the digital world. This is important because these units will be used over and over again in our discussion about computers and other digital devices.

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