Welcome to basic programming concepts. In this E-Classroom our goal is to help you understand the fundamentals of computer programming. If you are new to programming and wish to start learning a computer language then this E-Classroom is a good starting point. Before you teach you any programming language like C, C++, Java, C# etc we will help you understand what a computer language is, why should you be learning a computer language and the similarities in all programming languages. Once you learn the basic concepts used in all programming languages you will not have to learn the same concepts when you start learning a new programming language. All you will have to do is learn how to use the same basic concepts and implement them using a new programming language.

What all we will be covering in this E-Classroom?

We shall cover the following concepts in this E-Classroom

  1. What is a programming language and why should you learn a programming language
  2. Different types of programming languages
  3. Basic structure of a computer program
  4. Conceptual understanding of basic programming concepts
  5. Software required for writing computer programs
  6. The life cycle of a computer program

In this E-Classroom we will not be covering any particular programming language. We will only help you understand the concepts which will be helpful when you start learning a specific programming language.

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