What is Common Type System

To explain this concepts let’s start with an example. Suppose you know two languages English and Hindi. In English you say Male or Man and in Hindi you say Aadmi. To somebody who knows both these languages all these words mean the same thing. This is what common type system is. Suppose you are declaring an integer variable in C# and you write

int a = 10;

Now you create the same integer variable using VB.net. For this you write

Dim a As Integer = 10

When you compile your C# and VB.net code both these types are converted into the same type Int32 by their respective compilers. It does not matter which .net programming language you use to write your code it will be executed by the same common language runtime or CLR. So it is important for all the .net languages to follow the same type system no matter which syntax is used by the programmer.

The purpose of common type system is to support language independence in .net. You can easily write half of your code in VB.net and use the assembly in the C# code and write rest of your project. The common type system makes it possible to do so.

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