Getting familiar with programming languages – Introduction

After having understood the basic computer concepts, brief history about evolution of programming languages and the steps involved in the execution of a computer program let us now start our discussion on how to write a computer program. In this section we will be talking about the fundamental concepts involved in writing a computer program. We will not be talking about any particular programming language; we will keep our focus on explaining the basic concepts which apply to all modern day programming languages. How these concepts are actually implemented using a programming language will be covered in different E-Classrooms where we will be teaching your different programming languages.

In this section we will be covering

  1. Building blocks of a computer program
  2. Syntax of a programming language
  3. Data types and variables
  4. Conditional statements
  5. Loops
  6. Functions, arguments and return types
  7. Types of brackets used in programming

All these concepts apply to both procedural and object oriented programming languages. Once you understand these concepts it will become easy for you to implement them in your programs.

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