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What is a command prompt

Category: Windows Command Prompt Tutorials Date: Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The windows operating system has a special software that lets you work with its environment by using commands. By default everybody using the windows operating system uses its graphical user interface (GUI) to work. The graphical user interface lets you interact with the operating system using a mouse. But when using the command prompt you cannot use the mouse, you can only use your keyboard to type the commands which you want to execute. In the old days operating systems did not have a graphical user interface like they have today. At that time the only way to interact with the operating system was by using the commands.

Every operating system has its own command prompt. But the principle behind using the command prompt on any operating system is the same - you have to type the command and provide the required inputs to make it work. In this series of learning to use the command prompt we will only discuss about using the command prompt on Windows operating system.

How does the command prompt look like

This image below shows you how the command prompt looks like on a Windows operating system.


It has a black background and the text appears in white color.

How to open the command prompt window

There are multiple ways in which you can open the command prompt window. You can choose any method which you feel is easy

Method 1 (For Windows 8)

Press the windows button from your keyboard or click on the start menu in the bottom left corner. When the start screen opens, type cmd or command using your keyboard. It will automatically search for the command prompt application and show it to you in the results on the right side.

Look at the image below

Click on the command prompt application and the command prompt window will open.

Method 2 (Any Windows version)

Press the Window ( enter image description here ) + R keys from your keyboard (keep the Windows key pressed and press the R key). A box similar to this one will open up


In the text box type cmd and press enter. You will see that the command prompt window will open up.

Once you know how to open the command prompt, we will start teaching you about some basic commands which you can execute using it.

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