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Tuesday, March 17, 1992
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Introduction to Web Technologies for FrontPage Users

Category: Web Technology Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Introduction There are many Web technologies, from simple to complex, and explaining each in detail is beyond the scope of this article. However, to help you get started with developing your own Web sites, beyond simple WYSIWYG designing of Web pages in FrontPage, this article provides brief definitions of the major Web technologies along with links to sites where you can find more information, tutorials, and reference documentation. Important The links included in this article are only a representative set of resources that are available on the Internet. Where appropriate, this article cites Microsoft resources, but you can also find many links to non-Microsoft resources. You can locate additional resources by performing your own Web searches. Markup Languages Markup is used to in text and word processing documents to describe how a document should look when displayed or printed. The Internet uses markup to define how Web pages should look when displayed in a browser or to define the data contained within a Web document. There are many different types of markup languages. For example, Rich Text Formatting (RTF) is a markup language that word processors use. This section describes the most common markup languages that are used on the Internet.

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