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Open Education and Open E-School

Category: Open Education Date: Tuesday, August 04, 2015
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Open Education can play the same role for the education sector as open source software played for the software industry. Contributing knowledge content to share our experiences with other fellow learners is a very strong idea. With this idea we will not only have many new ways of learning but also a rich source of educational content which will be a mix of both theoretical and practical resources. Open E-School is one of the many initiatives to contribute to the Open Education arena. Our idea is not just to provide educational content to help people learn, but to add monitoring and evaluation tools to provide measureable data to indicate the level of learning and skill development.

A step towards skill development

Skill development is the need of the hour in India and around the world. With technology making progress at a high speed conventional methods of teaching and learning are insufficient towards providing new skills to students in large numbers. Although the role of classroom teaching cannot be sidelined or measured less, using smart tools for teaching and evaluation is necessary to deliver quality knowledge to students in large numbers.

At Open E-School our vision is to develop an education portal and provide a platform for personalize learning. Students will be able to access various kinds of educational resources both in text and video formats, test their knowledge using practice tests and assignments and also participate in regular events to test their knowledge against other learners.

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