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How to create a new folder / directory in Windows

Category: Computer Basics Date: Monday, June 01, 2015
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Learn how to create a new folder in Windows

Steps – 1

Press window ( Windows Icon ) + E from keyboard to open windows explorer screen. You can also click on the start button in the left bottom corner of the screen and click on my computer (or This PC in Windows 8)

Step -2

Double click on the drive where you want to create a new folder. If you want create a new folder in C drive then double click on the C drive in the window explorer window

Step – 3

Right click anywhere in the white area on the screen and select New-> Folder

Create a new folder in windows

Step – 4

Your new folder will be named as New Folder by default. Give this folder a name you want to, like MyPictures

Create new folder in windows

Step – 5

Press enter and you will have your new folder with the name MyPictures created

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