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IELTS Modules

Category: IELTS Date: Wednesday, February 07, 2018



For Introduction to IELTS click here http://openeschool.com/Magazine/Article/264/introduction-to-ielts


Ielts has four modules that students need to practice to appear for exam. IELTS modules are as following

  1. Reading

  2. Listening

  3. Speaking

  4. Writing


This module has 40 questions and all the questions comes from a passage. Candidate has to find out answers from that passage. This passage could be of any topic. Topics can be based on biology or IT. This module differtiate between two format. 


In this test most passage are lengthy with less complexity.


In this most passages are less lenthy but more complex as compare to Academic test.

for more information regarding Academic and General please go on this link 



In this module candidate listen recordings of native speaker and write answers on a paper. Mostly there are four recordings in a test which could be of any number of time and any number of questions can be their. Total number of questions are 40.

These recordings could include following things 

  1. Call center recordings
  2. Maps
  3. Bus driver Recordings
  4. Conversion of students and professors

And more


This test help on a separate date and it is of 15 mints. A representative from IELTS comes to talk to you about any topic which could be related to daily life or some objects and in the middle of the test examiner gives a cue card topic on that topic candidate has to speak for minimum 2 minutes and than again some questions is asked. 


In this module candidate get one hour to write a topic for General test candidates has to write a letter and an eassy according to topic on the other hand for Academic test candidates has to wirte a graph chart and an eassy similar to General test









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