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Friday, February 24, 1984

Hackathon 2K17 - Project Ideas

Category: Technology World Date: Friday, October 06, 2017

* These are the list of projects suggested during the Infosys Hackathon


Hospital Time Table Management:

To develop a portal where the timetable for each doctor will be specifically mentioned. This would mean the schedule specifying which doctor has to visit which bed no. and at what time. Doctors can enter their leave plans as well so that the timetable can be prepared accordingly.


Orphanage/ Old Age Home Management:

To develop a portal wherein all the requirements of a specific Orphanage/ Old Age home will be mentioned and citizens can block the items that they wish to purchase of the entity. Integrate with Facebook/ Amazon.


Citizen Grievance Portal:

The objective of this portal will be to record the grievances of the citizens and route it to the appropriate department. They should also be made available an option to check the status of their grievance and send out any follow up communication. SLA mechanism should also be incorporated.


Attendance Management System:

To develop a portal where teachers can record the attendance of each and every student. Alerts would go to the parents/ guardians in case of absence or shortage of attendance. This can be a Mobile App or a Web App


Parents Portal:

This portal will give the complete view of the child’s performance (graphical), details about the fees, upcoming event in the school, etc. It will be a school management and communications software to manage and streamline all aspects of school administration. Report cards, homework, calendars, schedules, admissions, forms, attendance, email communication, discipline, health and much more.


School’s Portal:

This portal can include the following:

Admission: It can be a comprehensive portal capturing all the information about the admission and also the list of approved/ rejected/ waitlisted applications.

Alma Mater: This would have the details of all the alma mater, regularly updated by the Placement committee. This would help at the time of placement sessions.


Books/ Bag/etc Donation Portal:

This portal will list all the books deposited by the students of a particular class for the upcoming batch. A record will be maintained who has deposited and who is taking them for the next session along with the condition of the books.


Hospital Queue Management System:


Direction system:

For hospitals or malls


Smart City App:

An application which would state everything a tourist needs to know. All the hotels, their room rent. Tourist places, ticket prices, etc. This application will just give information.


Report an emergency:

Through GPS, location will be tracked and the nearest Fire Station/ Hospital/ Police Station will be informed


Survey Portal


Feedback Portal


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