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BFGI Hackathon2K17

Category: Technology World Date: Thursday, October 05, 2017
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BFGI Hackathon 2K17 - Day 1

The day 1 of the hackathon event has been planned as follows


All participants of the hackathon 2K17 event will gather in the seminar hall for the Inauguration function. During this function the BFGI team and Open E-School team will formally welcome all participants of the event.

Start of the Hackathon

After the Inauguration all teams will move to the event area. Student volunteers from the organising team will help you reach the event area where you will be given sitting arrangement with your teams. You will be provided internet connectivity using wifi or LAN.

There might be some delay in connecting all systems with the internet through wifi and LAN, so we encourage all teams to use their mobile internet connection on at least one of their systems.

Project development

All teams will have to build projects based on the theme ‘Smart City’. The focus of the event is to build projects which can be used by the local administration to make governance easy for its citizens. Smart city also means smart hospitals, smart schools, smart offices etc. So you can think of projects which might be useful for schools, colleges, hospitals, offices etc.

We are looking for projects which are useful for citizens. We are not looking for projects which use innovative technologies like AI, Machine Learning etc. The idea is that you all deliver working projects which can be implemented as it is by city administration, schools, colleges, hospitals etc.


There will be two evaluations on Day 1. The goal of these evaluations will be to monitor the progress made by students on the projects. The first evaluation will be roughly 3 hours after the start of the event and the second evaluation will again be roughly 3 hours after the first evaluation. These evaluations will help us keep a track of the progress made by teams on day 1.

All teams are permitted and encouraged to continue work on their projects in the evening and during the night. Please try to make as much progress on your projects as possible on day 1.

Day 2 - 8 am onwards

First evaluation - 9 am

On day 2 our goal will be to evaluate the progress made by teams on their projects. There will be first evaluation of the projects at 9 am in the morning. At this time we expect all teams to have completed at least 80% of the functionality. Each team will have to prepare a small presentation on the laptops describing their project, its functionality, technologies used etc. The format of the presentation will be shared with all teams and you will have to prepare the presentation in the given format.

After the first round of presentations we will select top 5 teams which will present their projects to the panel of judges in the seminar hall.

Final presentations - 11 am onwards

The final presentations in front of the judges panel will start around 11 am. The top 5 teams will present their projects to the judges panel and winners will be selected after these presentations.

Evaluation criteria - Very important

The goal of this event is to motivate students to build useable applications. Following are some of the important criteria (there will be other criteria also, but these are some of the important criteria) on which we will judge the projects developed by teams.

1. Project completion

Project completion is one of the most important evaluation criteria. The teams whose project functionality will be more complete will stand a chance to win the event.

2. Clean source code and UI

Given that the projects developed by teams will be implemented for the city administration, it is important that the source code of the projects is clean, manageable and extensible. The UI of the projects should be clean and easily understandable. Please do not waste time on making the UI very beautiful, we are just looking for UI which is easy to understand.

3. Usefulnes

The projects developed by teams should be useful for some organizations like hospitals, schools, colleges etc. Projects which can be useful for a large section of the population will stand a chance to win this event.

For more information please feel free to contact the Open E-School team present at the event venue.

All the best.

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