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M Spark - Professional Email Writing Competition

Category: Technology World Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Important :

  1. You have to write the email from your personal email Id and send it to

Task description

You are the head of sales and marketing for a hypothetical company called ABC Software Pvt. Ltd. You have been in consultation with an advertising company which will be helping you manage the online marketing campaign for your company on google and facebook. You need to write an email to Mr. Amit Chopra, who is the team lead at the advertising company, and provide him with the details of the type of ads you wish to publish on google and facebook and the type of audience you want to target.

The email you will write should cover the following points clearly

  1. The type of ads you wish to post on google and facebook
  2. The type of audience you wish to target and why
  3. The total budget you have planned for the advertisement campaign and what component of it you wish to spend on google and facebook and why.  

You should start your email by addressing the person with his first name and you need to end your email with Regards followed by your full name, designation and the name of your company.

Evaluation criteria

You will receive marks out of 100 for the email you will write. The marks will be divided in the following manner

Task completion - 60 marks

If your email covers all the above mentioned 3 points clearly you will get full 60 marks for task completion. Each of the three points have a weightage of 20 marks.

Quality of English - 20 marks

Try to write good English. By good English we mean that the content you write should be meaningful and clearly understandable. Do not use any informal or personal language when writing your email.

Writing style - 20 marks

If you divide your content into paragraphs and bullet points you will get good marks for this section. Do not write all the content in just 1 paragraph, create a different paragraph for each of the above three points.

If you wish to read the tips to help you write your email this click this link to learn the steps to write professional email.

All the best for this task.


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