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4 Steps to write a professional email

Category: Technology World Date: Monday, September 18, 2017
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As a professional the most important mode of communication which you will use to talk to your team (your boss, your subordinates, your juniors) or your client is email. Learning to write a professional email is very important if you wish to wish to master the art of professional communication.

In this article you will learn 4 simple steps to write a professional email. These steps should apply to the majority of the private sector companies like software industry, BPO’s, private banks, technology startups etc.

Important Tip : Professional emails are written with all their content starting from the left margin. Do not start your paragraphs by leaving space in front of the first line.

Step 1 - How to write the subject of a professional email

The most important part of any professional email is its subject. The subject of your email should be such that it should explain the purpose of your email. Even if the person does not read your full email, he or she should get the message just by reading the subject.

For example, if you are writing an email to a client and want to inform him that the tasks your team is working on will get done by tomorrow evening and if he wants to discuss anything he should call you on your mobile phone, then this can be the subject of your email.

We will finish our tasks by tomorrow evening. Call me on my cell if needed.

You can put the details about the tasks and your contact details inside the body of your email, but the subject should tell the summary to the person without even going through your email.

Do not write meaningless subjects like “Hello” or “Important” or “Update” etc.

Step 2 - How to start your email

When I joined my first company (software company) I was told to address everybody with their first names. No matter if the person is your senior or junior, we address everybody with their first names. Therefore it is important to start your email with the first name. For example, if the name of the person to whom you are sending your email is Rajat Singla then you can start your email as follows



Hello Rajat,


Dear Rajat

In some organizations or when you are dealing with a foreign client you might have to be extremely formal. In this case you may chose to write the last name of the person. For example, if the name of the person to whom you are sending your email is Rajat Singla then you can start your email as follows

Mr. Singla


Dear Mr. Singla


Respected Mr. Singla

Important : I have over 10 years of experience working with multinational companies and communicating with foreign clients. I have always used the first name to address any person and also start my emails with the first name. But you should adapt yourself as per your company rules and as per the expectations of the client.

If you are sending an email to a group of people then you can start your email this way

Respected All


Hello All,



Step 3 - How to write the body of your email

When you write the body of your email please remember the following important points

  1. Divide the body of the email into multiple paragraphs, do not just write a single paragraph in your email body.
  2. Try to write your content in points and number the points.
  3. Do not use short forms when writing the body of your email. For example, write you and not U, write Thank you and not Thx u, write Because and not bcz, write how are you and not hw r u.
  4. When writing the names of people, start the names with capital letter. For example, writing thomas edison will be wrong, you should write Thomas Edison. See how we have started Thomas with capital T and Edison with capital E
  5. Highlight the points you think are important by giving them a background color. Like this text has been given a yellow background color to highlight it.

Things you should never do when writing the body of a professional email.

  1. Do not write your text in all capital letters. Capital letters are treated as rude in professional writing. For example, THIS LINE IS WRONG because it has been written in all capital letters.
  2. Do not highlight the content in red color, like this content. Highlighting it in red color means that you are being rude and loud in your conversation. If you want to highlight some text then just give it a background color as explained above.

Important : Email is a legal document. It can be produced in the court of law as an evidence against a person. So when you write the body of an email please try to be polite, honest and do not write misleading content.

Step 4 - How to end the email

After you finish writing your email you should end your email with the following words

  1. Regards - If you are writing an email to a senior person or to your client, then you should end the email by writing Regards
  2. Thanks - If you are asking for some favor or asking someone to do some task, then you should end your email by writing Thanks.
  3. Thanks and Regards - If you are writing an email to a senior person or a client and asking them to do something for you then you should end your email by writing Thanks and Regards.

There are other ways also to end your email. You can writing Your Faithfully, Your Sincerely etc. but I have never seen such endings in my professional communications with clients across the globe.

After you write Regards or Thank you or Thanks and Regards you should add your signatures. Your signatures should include your full name, your designation, your company name and your contact number (if you want to share it)

For example, if your name is Mrinal Thakur and you are the head of sales and marketing for a company called Chopra Consultants then you can end your email in the following manner




Mrinal Thakur,

Head, sales and marketing

Chopra Consultants

Cell : +91-1234567890


If you do not wish to put your full signatures you can just finish the email by writing your name. For example, this is one way of finishing your email


Thanks and Regards,

Mrinal Thakur.


Please note that by signatures I do not mean the signatures you do with a pen. By signatures I mean your details which includes your name, designation, company name and contact details.

Please note that there might be many other ways of writing a professional email. But you should follow the trend in your organization so that you do not end up offending people by following a wrong pattern. Also, when you work with clients across the globe you should keep in mind that people with different nationalities have different cultural backgrounds and you should take some time to understand about the cultural background of the person you are working with so that you follow the right way of address that person.


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