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Friday, February 24, 1984

7 Practical steps to software project development - Step 2

Category: Technology World Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Step 2 – Create database tables

After you are clear with the requirements for the project you should create the database tables for the project. When you create tables you ask many questions to yourself. Like what should be the type of each and every column, what should be the length of data you can put in each column, what should be the relationship between various tables, which key or combination of keys should be marked as primary keys, can a give column have null values or not etc. When you ask such questions and find the answers for them it forces you to know more deeply about the project.

Once you have created the database tables for your project you should do a dry run of the complete project flow on your database tables. You should draw all the tables on a piece of paper, think of a real scenario in which your project will be used and then enter data into your tables and see that you are able to run the complete business logic of your project properly. If you do this step honestly and do a dry run of your project on paper then be sure that you will have no problems related to project requirements at later stages of development

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