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Friday, February 24, 1984

7 Practical steps to software project development - Introduction

Category: Technology World Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Writing a software project is significantly different from writing simple computer programs. A software project ( or software applications ) will have many different modules and would be solving a much bigger business problem rather than just solving a simple computational problem. Therefore it becomes important that you follow proper steps to develop your software projects so that you can build large software project with ease.

2 most important phases

There are two main phases of a software project

  1. Development life cycle
  2. Production life cycle

By development life cycle we mean the time during which you are developing the software project
Production life cycle means the time when the software project is being put to use

You need to take care that you follow proper steps and process during the development life cycle of the software projects so that you do not have to face problems during the production life cycle of the project. Remember that if the development life cycle of the project is 1 year ( lets say ) then the production life cycle of the project will be 2 to 10 years. This means that our focus during the software development should be on using proper techniques so that we can have a peace of mind during a much longer production life cycle. If you take short cuts and follow wrong techniques during the project development life cycle then you will face many problems during the project’s production life cycle

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