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C# is a case sensitive language.

Category: Programming Tutorials Date: Sunday, May 28, 2017
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If you are a beginner to C# programming then it is very important for you to keep in mind that C# is a case sensitive langauge. The names of the data types, variables, functions, classes, namespaces etc. all are case sensitive. For example, if you declare an integer variable

int Number;

with capital N, then you cannot assign it a value this way

number = 10; // This is wrong.

because the variable Number was declared with a capital N. The correct way of assigning it a value will be

Number = 10; // This is correct.

Similarly, when you are using inbuild classes and functions, you need to take case of the case sesitivity. For example, the following line for printing hello world is wrong

console.writeline("hello world");

because the inbuilt console class in C# has its first letter C capital and not small. Similarly, the writeline function has W and L in capitals. The correct way of writing the code to print hello world is

Console.WriteLine("hello world");

Intellisense in Visual Studio

The Visual Studio intellisense is very powerful and will help you a lot while writing code if you keep the case sensitivity in mind. The job of intellisense is to make suggestions when you write code. In case you do not write the code in the correct case, intellisense will not be able to give suggestions for the code you write.


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