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Speeding up your iPad or iPhone

Category: Test Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Have you noticed that your iPad or iPhone have gotten sluggish? Are you using up your battery life at an amazing rate? If so you may be suffering from too many open apps! Most users don’t close apps when they are through but rather tap the Home button and open another. The previous app is still open but in sleep mode. The result is that you might have many apps open that you’re not using, but they are taking up memory and might be using up your battery.

I was reminded of this recently when I visited with my grandchildren and looked at their iPad. I checked which apps were open and discovered that they had a dozen or more open, including some known memory hogs. Since they are three and five years old, they will tap on anything and, of course, will not close out.

Quitting apps is really simple. Just double tap the Home button. You will see thumbnails of each open app. Simply scroll left or right until you get to an app you’re not using. Flick your finger from the middle of the page to the top and the app will close! It’s that simple. 

You can use the double tap on the Home button to switch between apps too. Instead of flicking the page up, tap it and the app will wake up. 

If you want to really clean up your device, close all of the apps and then reset it. Don’t worry, no data will be lost when you reset. To reset hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons…don’t let go until the screen goes dark and the Apple logo appears. That’s it. You will have a refreshed device!

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