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In the ancient Kingdom of Mahismati (Makhizhmati in Tamil) in India, a highly injured woman (Ramya Krishnan), with an arrow in her back, emerges from a cave adjoining a big waterfall while carrying a baby. She kills 2 soldiers pursuing her and spots a village across a raging river. She attempts to wade across a ford, but fails and falls in. She swims to and clutches a branch, before pleading to the god Parameshwara, declaring that "Mahendra Baahubali must live!". She holds the baby in one hand above her head, as the water engulfs her. Local villagers notice the baby and rescue it. The queen's corpse is carried away by the current after pointing towards the mountain above the waterfall. Sanga (Rohini) and her husband name the infant Shivudu and raise him as their own son. The villagers want to take the child up the waterfall, but Sanga refuses, as climbing the waterfall would ensure the baby's death. The villagers then seal the staircase leading up the waterfall, fearing that someone may come to take away the child.

Shivudu (Prabhas) grows up to be a strong, adventurous young man who aspires to climb the mountain, with minimal success. After successfully carrying a stone Shivalinga to the waterfalls, he then finds a wooden mask which has fallen. Driven to find the owner of the mask, he attempts to climb the mountain again and finally suceeds. After his ascent, Shivudu discovers that the mask belongs to Avanthika (Tamannaah), a rebellious warrior of a group engaged in guerrilla warfare against Emperor Bhallala Deva/Palvaaldeva (Rana Daggubati) of the Mahishmati empire. The group, led by Devasena's brother (Pruthviraj), intends to rescue their former queen Devasena (Anushka Shetty) who has been imprisoned in the kingdom for the past 25 years. Avanthika is given the opportunity to rescue the queen.

Avanthika falls in love with Shivudu after finding out that he climbed the waterfall for her. Shivudu pledges to help her in her mission and sneaks into Mahishmati to rescue Devasena. Shivudu rescues Avanthika and flees with her, but is chased down by Bhallala Deva's son, Bhadra (Adivi Sesh) and the king's royal slave warrior Kattappa (Sathyaraj). After Shivudu beheads Bhadra, Kattappa drops his weapon, realizing that Shivudu is Mahendra Baahubali, the son of late king Amarendra Baahubali

Kattappa narrates the story of Amarendra's past. Amarendra's mother died while giving birth to him, while his father had died long before that. Amarendra's uncle Bjjalaaldeva was deemed unfit to rule due to his crooked nature, however he believes he was denied the throne due to his disability. Bjjalaaldeva's wife Queen Mother Sivagami Devi, assumed control of the kingdom with Kattappa's assistance until a new king was selected. Amarendra Baahubali and Bhallala Deva were brought up together, trained in areas including arts, science, disguise, politics, and warfare, but both of them have different approaches towards kingship. Amarendra Baahubali is gracious to everyone, and is loved by the people. Bhallala Deva is violent and achieves his goals by any means possible.

It is revealed that Mahismathi is about to be attacked by an army of savages, called Kalakeyas. Queen Sivagami sees this as an opportunity to find out who among her two sons should be future king of Mahismati. Bjallaaldeva (Nassar), Bhallala Deva's father proposes that who ever kills the Kalakeya leader will be the future king and the chief minister agrees with him. Sivagami nevertheless, says that it is princes' duty to protect and defend their country and orders that Mahishmati's war resources be distributed fairly among her two sons. Bjallaaldeva uses his guile to make sure Bhallala Deva gets the maximum war resources.

The Kalakeyas are given an opportunity to change their minds and walk away with their lives. The Kalakeya king rejects their offer and insults Queen Sivagami by saying he will take over her kingdom and have children with her. An enraged Sivagami says she wants the Kalakeya king brought to her alive, but with his limbs chopped off, so that she can feed him to the vultures. During the battle, the Kalakeyas use a dirty tactic of using their Mahishmatian prisoners as shields. Bhallala Deva owns a chariot, with rotating scythes in the front. He plowed through the line of innocent prisoners, killing them. Amarendra, on the other hand, caused them to fall down and attacked the Kalakeyas behind them, thus saving the prisoners. When it seems that Mahishmati would end up being defeated, Amarendra inspires his soldiers to fight back and they end up crushing the enemy. While Amarendra defeated the king of Kalakeya and was about to obey the words of Sivagami by chopping off his limbs, Bhallala Deva swings his weapon from a distance and kills the Kalakeya king. Despite Bhallala Deva being the one to kill the Kalakeya king, Sivagami announces Amarendra Baahubali as the new emperor because of his courage and leadership exhibited in the war and also because of the fact that he shielded and protected his own countrymen throughout the war.

After the flashback, when asked about Amarendra's current whereabouts, a tearful Kattappa reveals that Amarendra is dead, and that he is the one who killed him

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