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What are the layers of the OSI reference model?
Araksha Sharma
Posted on : Tue, Jan 02, 2018
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OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnection model which defines a networking framework to implement protocols in layers.


It is 7 layered model:


Layer 1: Physical Layer: Data transfer in digital form Bits from the physical layer of the source to the physical layer of destination. Hubs, repeaters, etc devices used in this layer.

Layer 2: Data Link Layer: It gets data from the physical layer and check for transmission errors. It defines the protocol to establish and terminate a connection between two physically connected devices. It has two sublayers:
Medium access control (MAC) layer.
Logical link control (LLC) layer.

Layer 3: Network Layer: In this layer source and destination addresses contained inside each frame and examined. If the data has reached its final destination this Layer formats the data into packets delivered up to the Transport layer.

Layer 4: Transport Layer: The transport layer controls the reliability of a given link through flow control, segmentation/desegmentation, and error control.

Layer 5: Session Layer: It establishes, manages and terminates the connections between the local and remote application.

Layer 6: Presentation Layer: The presentation layer transforms data into the form that the application accepts.

Layer 7: Application Layer: The application layer is the OSI layer closest to the end user. This layer interacts with software applications that implement a communicating component.

Kamal Bansal
Wed, Jan 24, 2018

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